peer review for Kendra Kiehn

peer review for Kendra Kiehn - Writer's Name KendraKiehn...

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Writer's Name Kendra Kiehn Reviewer's Name kelli lorenc 1) Does the beginning of the paragraph grab you and make you want to keep reading? If so, how does it do this? If not, what could the writer do to make the opening more compelling? Write out the topic sentence . If you cannot find a topic sentence, be sure to note that down and perhaps discuss that fact with the writer. Does the topic sentence clearly state the subject and which this paragraph is, cause or effect? Indicate the part that gives the topic or subject. Point out the part that gives the attitude or opinion. Write down the word or phrase that indicates whether this is cause or effect . Where is the topic sentence located? Is this location effective? The beginning of the did grab my attention I liked how it gave me the a new look on how alcholo could be a good thing and the topic sentenc was clearly stated. This is the part that give the topic “ The consumption of alcohol can have countless effects on both the consumer, and  the people surrounding the consumer.” the topic sentenc is the first sentenc in the paragraph. 2) What is the overall feel of the paragraph? The overall feel of the phargaraph is an informitaive one and etremly intresting. If the author is writing about cause , answer the following questions 3) What is the topic? How many causes does the writer discuss? Does the writer use simple causes, chain causes, or a combination? What technique does the writer use to expand on
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peer review for Kendra Kiehn - Writer's Name KendraKiehn...

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