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rough draft search paper - Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance English...

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Unformatted text preview: Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance English 98-1108 12 April 2010 Search paper Children and Television: Benefits and Harmful Effects The television is an unavoidable technology that shapes people's lives, one that can both benefit and harm its viewers. One benefit of television for young children is education. A child can if a parent allows learn about books, music, history, art, and current events all from his or her home in front of a television screen. One negative effect of television on children is violence in media and programing. Each time a child is left alone with a television to watch they can change the channel and watch anything they want. The choices a child makes can be lacking in developmental/educational value and can cause them to lack the necessary lessons a child should have to develop and grow at a healthy social and cognitive rate. The choices a child will usually make are the ones that harm the social ability to control anger and aggression. If a child sees from a program that it is alright to harm another person from a young age they will continue to believe in that principle until they are set once again on the right...
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rough draft search paper - Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance English...

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