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unconventional - All of the sudden I had rules my mom tried...

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Kelli Lorenc Ms. Vance Dvance English 098 12 February 2010 Unconventional My mom and dad had me when they were sixteen. They got married two months after I was born. After having three more children they decided to divorce. My dad married my mom’s best friend and he wasn’t around much. His new wife was very mean and controlling, she did not like any of us girls around, and she wanted all of the attention from my dad. At this time my mom decided to relive her teenage years, this happened when I was about 9 years old. This is when I remembered my mom starting to drink. I felt that I needed to grow up faster than I should have. I felt like I needed to take care of my sisters. This went on until I was sixteen and through this time I had no rules or regulations I could anything I wanted to. After 7 years of this my mom decided it was time to get clean and that is when she remarried and moved to California.
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Unformatted text preview: All of the sudden I had rules, my mom tried to tell me what I could and couldn’t do. I got very angry at my mom, I told her that for the past 7 years I have been an adult and that she needed to treat me like one. At this time my mom decided that I should move back to Arizona to live with my father and his wife. They let me do what I wanted and I have been on my own since I turned 18. I have two beautiful children and through all of my mom’s faults and mistakes while I was growing up she has helped me raise my children. Although my mom had faults and made mistakes I do love her and we now have a relationship that is becoming stronger and we are becoming closer everyday. It took time for me to forgive her but I now know she feels bad and did the best that she knew how. I no longer hold hatred or anger towards my mother on how I was raised, it has made me the strong person that I am today....
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