MIDI paper - Agee Albert Agee MIDI & computer recording...

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Agee Albert Agee 18 April 2010 Roger Linn Designs Roger Linn designs is a small, home based business founded is 2001 by roger Linn; they are involved in the designs products for the electronic musical instrument industry. Currently they manufacture and distribute his own product, the AdrenaLinn III which is a Guitar Effects Processor, furthermore they also design for other companies in the musical instrument industry. Roger Linn designs have created several products for other companies . First, his MPC designs for the Akai company became the industry standards in the production of hip hop, rap and dance music production. Secondly, the Black Box design for the M-Audio company successfully moved them in the guitar effects and recording market. Third, the design consultation during the 1990s for the Roland company helped insure that their drum machines and other products entered the market with highest success. Finally, BoomChik, the collaboration between Dave and Roger Linn announced at Winter NAMM 2007. although it is no longer called the BoomChik: it is now referred to as the LinnDrum II; there are two models the all-digital and the Analog which dose add a 27 dual-function voicing knobs and a 4-voice analog synch. The all-digital LinnDrum II will be
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MIDI paper - Agee Albert Agee MIDI & computer recording...

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