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ARTICLES - students default on their student loans For some...

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The article that I read was about how the students in Toronto, owed more than $62 million  dollars in outstanding student loans.  The article was also talking about how student loans were  defaulting is now at an all time high. Plus, with how things are going in today’s society it is going  to get worse. The proquest cite this was not working correctly so the authors name is Richard Brenan. This next article I found in EBSCOhost; this article informs us about the different factors to why
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Unformatted text preview: students default on their student loans. For some it’s not just lack of income, it can be family, race, and academics. This is something that I never realized before until reading this article. Authors: Lewis, Anne C. [email protected] Source: Tech Directions ; Mar2008, Vol. 67 Issue 8, p6-6, 1/3p Document Type: Article DAVID JORDAN...
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