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defining race and ethnicity checkpoint

defining race and ethnicity checkpoint - classrooms and the...

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Running head: DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 1 Defining race and ethnicity Mesheka Johnson ETH/125 April 12, 2011 Susanne Strulowitz
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DEFINING RACE AND ETHNICITY 2 Defining race and ethnicity Before reading this chapter, I thought race and ethnicity was the same thing. I understand that everyone has their own heritage, values, and beliefs. But I thought of race and ethnicity as black, white, Asian, and American- Indian. I now have a better understanding that race is the obvious physical difference between each individual and ethnicity are those set apart because of the origins and culture. These concepts are important to the United States because we are “The land of the free” and our country is extremely diverse. Furthermore, it’s important because the U.S tracks people by their race or ethnicity so they can try and improve the oppressed groups and add diversity to
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Unformatted text preview: classrooms, and the work force. So that both children and adults can understand and communicate with each other successfully. If these concepts were not taken seriously; so many people including children would be left behind, and the oppression would be greater than what it is. Although racism still exists, it is dwindling because the United States set laws for schools and the workplaces. For example: jobs must hire so many women, African Americans, disabled and so on and no school or job is allowed to deny any individual due to their race or ethnicity. In conclusion if the United States did not find these concepts important we would not truly be “The Land of the Free”....
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defining race and ethnicity checkpoint - classrooms and the...

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