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EPP Assessment Direction

EPP Assessment Direction - Instructions for Taking The ETS...

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Step 1: Print off a copy of these instructions to refer to while taking the assessment. You will not be able to access these instructions online once you have started the assessment. Please note: The ETS Proficiency Profile (EPP) assessment is a timed assessment. If you do not complete the EPP assessment in the designated time (40 minutes), a message box will display and the assessment will automatically end. You will not have the opportunity to review your work. Make sure you monitor the time remaining by checking the timer in the upper right corner of the screen. Please have your instructor’s email address available as you will be directed to provide this information at the end of the assessment in order for your instructor to receive notification that you completed the exam. Step 2: Go to the EPP web site http://proficiencyprofile.ets.org Please note: Close all open applications except Internet Explorer before accessing the site. Turn off or disable all pop-up blockers. If a pop-up blocker is on it will interfere with the “Help” button on the assessment.
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