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Implicate Association Test The results of my IAT where no different in association with self, male, female self, introverted, extroverted, self, cold, warm, or self, anxious or calm. I had a slight association between self, dependable, self and conventional. I feel the test was somewhat accurate, but I don’t think it could determine the prejudice with in individuals because a test can’t measure the truth within a person. Anyone can lie on a test and besides a test can’t see the heart, mind and soul of an individual. Plus, prejudice can remain deep within someone and one of the studies I read about in chapter two of the text book. I believe it was at the University of Colorado; where they had several people playing a video game with both black and whites. Each character both
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Unformatted text preview: black and white carried different items like cell phones, guns, and other misc. items. The test didn’t prove that people were more prejudice than the next, it was an even amount of blacks and whites were killed with in the game. Although this study didn’t show prejudice, there are other studies that have shown the prejudice within people. But in reality I am not even sure a study can show the prejudice that live in people. I think it all comes from the way people are raised, or the things people have gone thru, or things that have happened to them by someone of the opposite race and or even within their own race. I do not believe a test can determine if an individual is prejudice or not....
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