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IQ test - though the results stated that I failed I still...

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After taking the IQ test, the results informed me that I failed. Taking this test was somewhat okay in my opinion, but I don’t feel in any way that it was accurate. However, I’m not sure if I feel that the test was biased at all. I really don’t take these types of test nor do I take these types of test seriously. I feel that they are just for entertainment purposes. The scores that are used to compare me with another person don’t bother me at all either. Because even
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Unformatted text preview: though the results stated that I failed, I still know that I am smart and very well competent. So it doesn’t bother me that they would compare my scores to anybody else, only because I know that there are individuals who are a lot smart than me. Taking this IQ test was very entertaining, and can honestly say that I will start to challenge myself more often by taking more free IQ test, just for the fun of it. MESHEKA JOHNSON PSY 201 12/19/2010...
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