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SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES OF ADULTHOOD. BY: MESHEKA JOHNSON During the early adulthood stage, a person is developing the ability to share intimacy from relationships and intimacy in love. Erik Erikson defines this stage of adulthood as intimacy vs. isolation. During this stage relationships (long – term) are formed and sometimes marriage and children are the end result. Also the early adult makes a career decision in life. This is very important, because income plays a very important role to both. Single individuals and individuals who are involved in families. Middle adulthood, this stage is critical to an individual to be able to develop a true concern for the well being of the next generation. Also becoming more involved with family, society, work, and the community. To be exact, Erikson refers this stage of adulthood to be generativity vs. self absorption. Success in this stage results in a person feeling positive about the continuity of life. However, when an individual is having difficulties in this stage, can lead a
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Unformatted text preview: person feeling that their activities are stagnant and have done nothing for the upcoming generation. In the late adulthood stage; from the 40’s and 50’s until death. The recognition about life, can have a person to feel that a sense of accomplishments signifies success. More than half of one’s life is gone and some may feel that they would need to make a sudden, drastic change. So they would be able to reach their goal; when others continue finding satisfaction with the present course of their lives. I believe that Erikson refers this stage as ego-integrity vs. despair. In my opinion, overall going through different stages of life is a beautiful and natural transition. The midlife transition, is a natural stage that the results differ for everybody. I just hope that when I do begin to go through this transition, I will be able to have a happier transition....
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