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The article that I read was about responsible borrowing

The article that I read was about responsible borrowing -...

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The article that I read was about responsible borrowing, the MGSLP is a student loan program  that helps students  like myself to decrease a percentage in their students loans. So students  will not get into trouble (going into default, having their wages garnished) trying to pay back  outstanding student loans. This is one of many programs that provides this type if service to  assist students to stay on track with their financial responsibilities.  Fewer students shirk responsibilities. (2006, October 5). Char - Koosta News,p. 10.  Retrieved  January 21, 2011, from Ethnic NewsWatch (ENW). (Document ID: 1159749941). Another article that I have read was about online institutes, how there responsible for the  increase in National Student Debt for America. This article talked about how certain online 
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Unformatted text preview: schools have these schemes for loans, and the students who enroll get into debt behind it trying to further their education. I am attending an online school, and receiving financial aid. Financial Aid Provided by Online Institutes Responsible for Increase in National Student Debt for America :A study conducted by MUST University reveals increase in student debt (for America) is linked to Financial Aid schemes provided by online schools; these schemes feature loans most prominently, often with the excuse that they encourage responsible borrowing practices. (22 September). PR Newswire,***[insert pages]***. Retrieved January 21, 2011, from Business Dateline. (Document ID: 2143525751)....
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