week 3 assignment - Running head: STRUGGLES FOR THE IRISH 1...

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Running head: STRUGGLES FOR THE IRISH 1 Struggles for the Irish Mesheka Johnson ETH 125 May 1, 2011 SUZANNE STRULOWITZ
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STRUGGLES FOR THE IRISH 2 Struggles for the Irish From the mid- 1840’s to 1860 about 1.7 million Irish immigrated to the United States because of the potato rot that killed numerous crops and left millions starving. When they came to America they had no resources or money to buy land or to start a business. Many of the immigrants that came were not well educated, they were also labor peasants that were unwelcomed and when they arrived they faced great ordeals of prejudice, segregation, racism and discrimination. Many Irish immigrants stayed close to the ports they were dropped off at because they did not have the resources or financial backing to travel any further. They came with little money and had little options for employment, there were so many business putting up signs stating “No Irish Need Apply.” Plus, a great deal racism the Irish were looked at as filthy, and uneducated, and were redlined because they were considered bad for the neighbor hoods. Many lived together in shacks and huts away from American neighborhoods, due to institutional discrimination. They were unable to receive health care and help from the government or a fair opportunity for good paying jobs and because of this many died at a young age due to disease, illnesses and starvation. Many men and women could not deal with the prejudice and discrimination placed on
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week 3 assignment - Running head: STRUGGLES FOR THE IRISH 1...

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