week 8 assignment part 2 US101

week 8 assignment part 2 US101 - I definitely would like to...

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How did this game help you understand the electronic resources available to you? This game helped me understand that there were more resources out within the UOP website than I was a wear of and it helped me realize where I could find them. I also realized that I knew more about the resources than I thought I did there were only two questions that I got wrong and had to retry when answering them it made me proud that I had retained that much information. What resources do you want to explore more when you have more time? Explain why.
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Unformatted text preview: I definitely would like to explore the center of mathematics because I will be taking a math class in the future and I get extremely nerves when math is involved and to be honest I have never really been good at it I was lucky to receive a C in my math class in high school and I really tried to do better I studied and got tutoring it just never really clicked so I am hoping that this resource will help me not only understand what I am doing but also to help with my math anxiety. I believe it will....
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