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Axia College Material Appendix D Psychotherapy Matrix Directions: Review Module 36 of Psychology and Your Life . Select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy. {Insert type of therapy approach} {Insert type of therapy approach} {Insert type of therapy approach} Summary of Approach Psychotherapy  Treatment: When trained  professionals  (therapist), uses  psychological  techniques to help  a person overcome  psychological  difficulties and  disorders, resolve  problems in living,  or bring out  personal growth.
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Unformatted text preview: Psychodynamic Therapy: Therapy that seeks to bring out unresolved past conflicts and unacceptable impulses from the unconscious into the conscious, where people may have to deal with problems more effectively. Exposure: Is a behavioral treatment for anxiety; In which people are confronted, either suddenly or gradually with stimulus that they fear. Disorders appropriate for this therapy Psychological Disorders, Anxiety Psychological Disorders, Behavioral Psychological Disorders, Anxiety...
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