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week 8 assignmentSCI162 - Running head MEDICAL FAMILY TREE...

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Running head: MEDICAL FAMILY TREE 1 Medical Family tree David Jordan SCI/162 April 17, 2011 Diane Anderson
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MEDICAL FAMILY TREE 2 Medical Family tree Axia College Material Appendix H Family Medical Tree To create a medical family tree, copy and paste the following address into a web browser: https://familyhistory.hhs.gov/fhh-web/home.action. Next, click on the Create a Family History button to complete the medical family tree by entering your information into the boxes. After creating your medical family tree, answer the following questions: 1. Why is it important to know your family medical history? It is important to know you family’s medical history, because a medical problem can pop up at anytime particularly ones that people genetically disposed to. and knowing you family’s medical history can provide your doctor and yourself with information so that not only can your doctor provide the right test or medications and it will allow you to watch
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