Anth. 101 Notes 4

Anth. 101 Notes 4 - 1.9-1.2 mya Characteristics Long limbs...

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Mosaic Evolution Modern human characteristics Appeared at different times Evolved at different rates Extinct hominids show a mosaic of derived and ancestral characteristics Bipedality First hominid characteristic to appear Involved changes in feet, knees, pelvis, back and skull Earliest hominids are inefficient bipeds Short legs Less stable foot and ankle Weak lower back Skeletal indicators of bipedality Pelvis Distribution of body mass Relative limb-length Position of foramen magnum Lumbar vertebrae Foot Primitive 1.Chimp-sized brain Hominin-like brow ridges Canine wear pattern not ape-like Thick hominin-like mandible 1.Australopithecus Proximal tibia Bipeds inefficient Genus Homo Evolution Bipedal efficient maybe running? Toolmakers/users Hominid Evolutionary Sequence Bipedal locomotion Intermediate forms of Genus Homo Homo ergaster
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Unformatted text preview: 1.9-1.2 mya Characteristics Long limbs Narrow pelvis Body shape and proportions similar to modern humans living in tropical climates Cranial capacity ca. 900-1000cc Nariokotome Adolescent male Developmentally=12 yr old 5ft3 (est 6 ft as adult) Home Georgicus Homo erectus Homo antecessor Neanderthals need 2x food of humans Were more robust, stronger, more muscles, bigger bone diameter Neanderthals- different species as seen by DNA comparison, they had more differences but not as much as chimps, some were even like modern humans more than some modern humans so if diff species not much African origin for anatomically modern humans Further from origin you go the less genetic variation exists Patterns of phenotypic variation Pigmentation Body forms Blood chemistry...
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Anth. 101 Notes 4 - 1.9-1.2 mya Characteristics Long limbs...

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