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Anth. 101 Notes 6 - Contradictory compnents are resolved...

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Social Reproduction Habitus and Structure Objective structures tend to produce structured subjective dispositions that produce structured action that tend to (re)produce objective structure Pracitce and Sturcute People's everyday actions reinforce and reprduce a set of expectations- and it is this set of other people's expectations which make up the 'social forces' and 'social structures' that constrain actions Change in material conditions Environemtal, technolgical, demogrpahic Social Dialectic Sociteis (and cultures) are characterized by conflicts an dcontradictions
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Unformatted text preview: Contradictory compnents are resolved through the social dialectic which can lead to new social formations (ie thesis + antitheses= synthesis Social construction of time As wage labor became important in the 19th century, business and labor embraced precise measurement of time Emphasis affected views and understanding of world Summary Theories of social construction Agency and constraint Differences in imporatance assigned to constraining factors Infrasturcture Sturcuter and instittuions/ fields Habitus/ consciousness Theory and Fieldwork...
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