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Anth. 101 Notes 7

Anth. 101 Notes 7 - Culture history Recitation 2/23...

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Culture history Recitation 2/23 Paleolithic period 2.5 mil-12000bc Lower 2.5-100000 Middle 300000-45000 Upper 45/30-10000 Homo sapiens 45000 BC Reasons for settling Social settling Adaption is easier Larger groups Environmental changes- drought but drawn to fertile areas This caused Disease Landscape change due to crops Diet diversification diminished Domestication of animals Tending vs. domesticated Domestication involves people manipulating genetic makeup of animals Major Cultural Transformations Appearance of stone tools and human material culture Symbols and symbolic behavior Food production Social differentiation and social complexity Tools and human culture Other major technolgical developments Fire Shelter Clothing Adaptive shifts linked to tools Dietary shifts Range expansion Skeletal gracility Symbols in Paleolithic Earliest good evidence of symbols ca 50000bp Rare instances with Neanderthals Abundant evidence post 50000bp with mod humans Domestication and food production Subsistence practices
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