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Anth. 101 Notes 8

Anth. 101 Notes 8 - Politcal realtions Centralized...

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Paleolithic Major cultural transformations Appearance of stone tools and human culture s State Formations Social differentiation Gender Age Economic Occupational Wealth Political Imaginged communities Ethnic Racial National Politicla differentiation Politcs- public decision-malking and public acts Increased differentiation Based on surplus production Involves differneces in access to capital and power Patterns involve Situational vs. institutionalized positions Basis for politacal influcnec Access to postions Centralization Variation in social organization Scale Sturcturing meachanisms or relationships Kinship Non-kin assicatitions of individuals Politacal Economic differentiation Degree of inequlity Soicla integration and sturcture Kinship Common interest, voluntary association, age, gender Economically-baed institutions Imaginged communites Chiefdoms Intermediate-scale Social relations based on kinship, status, residence Structural inequity/ ranking (social, political) Economic labor sturctued by age and sex
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Unformatted text preview: Politcal realtions Centralized, istitutionlized politcal offices (eg chief) Influence based on authority linked to social status and insitutionlized offices State Large scale Social relations based on imagined communities kinship, residence, occupation Sturcutal social economic and political inequlity Elaborate dividions of labor and occupational specialization Politcal relations Centralized, institutionalized political offices Influence based on coercion and authority States vary Structually Scale Demogrpahic Geographic Bases for leadership Military Economic Ideological Empire Large scale Multi ethnic Social relations based on imagined communtes, kinship, residence, occupation Structural social exonomic and politacal inequlity Same as state Civilization Ideological system, not politcal identity Ideology shared by groups across space an time Idology invovles understndings of Order Legitimacy Wealth/value...
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Anth. 101 Notes 8 - Politcal realtions Centralized...

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