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Myth Discourses whose truth seems self-evident because they do such a good job of integrating our personal experiences with wider set of assumptions about the way society, of the world in general, must operate Serve as … Characters for social action Conceptual tools Provide . .. Prototypes Legitimation and precedents for behavior Help create. .. Structure and institutions Habitus and doxa Transform insoluble problems into concrete problems with solutions Allow us to overcome logical contradictions and oppositions Subject of American Myths Native Americans
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Unformatted text preview: Brutal savage Noble savage Spiritually attuned Native American Ecological Indian European colonists and founding nation Pilgrim fathers Taming the wilderness Freedom-loving pioneers The First Thanksgiving Leyenda Negra Robinson Cruso The frontier(west) and individualism Self-reliant frontiersman, cowboys, cowboys and settlers Contrast of westerners and easterners Virtues of self-reliance Violence and problem-solving Capitalism and the self-made man (the American Dream) Wisdom of the common man...
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