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Religion AN "instituted process of interaction among members of society- and between them and the universe at large as they conceive it to be constituted-which provides them with meaning, coherence, direction, unity, easement, and whatever degreee of conrtol over events they perceive as possible" -Morton Klass Institutionalized practices involving Concepts of supernatural Worldview Myth Ritual Links members of society to the universe at large (as they conceive it) Religion is: Institutionalized Social Meaningful Symbolic Provides basis for social groupings Moral strictures Evocation of sentiments of affinity Provides menas for coping with stesses of Uncertaintiy Death Origins of Religious Practice Linked to origins of symbolic behavior in Middle an dUpper Paleolithic Burial and grave goods Graverrian figurines Magdalenian parietal art
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Unformatted text preview: Relationshps with supernatural Individual Communal Institutionalized practice (e.g., ritual) Cultural institutions (i.e. organized churches) Religious Practicioners Shaman Individula who has access to the superantural May innatley possess access May acquire access Medium Individual who acts as conduit for supernatural powers Prophet Charismatic religious leader who appears after intense spitriual experiences Emissary prophet- individual who has improtatn message that must be conveyed to others Exemplary prophets- individual who has had experiences that serve as examples to others Priest Individual who recieves institutionalized and specialized knowledge of rituals Has authority because of the office and knowledge (not because of special individual qualities)...
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