Anth. 101 Notes 15

Anth. 101 Notes 15 - distinctions Phenotypically distinct,...

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Social Differentiation: Constructions of Identity Identities Culturally constructed Involve characteristics and evaluations Individuals and groups use them to achieve goals Both constrain and enable agency and practice Identity Creation Demarcation of "us" and "them" Self and other Representations of us and the "other" Markers of identity Practice Discourse, myth and identities Imagined communities Cultural consturcts reproduced through practice and discose Class Idenities based on differential acquisition and possession of forms of capital From ranked gripus Classes exist where there is pervasive socio-economic differentiation and inequlity What classes exist in out society Material manifestations of class difference Biltmore and Vanderbilts vs. 2 room shotgun house of Sleepy John Estes Caste Ascriptive-born into Endogamous- marry within Often associated with economic specialization and inequality Race Ascribed, collective identities based on social distincitons but linked to assumed bilogical
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Unformatted text preview: distinctions Phenotypically distinct, discrete, geographic populations Race- ascried collective identites based on social istinctions but linked to assumed biological disticntions Human races are social units assumed to have biological basis Racial categories and definitions are culurally constucted Races are not biological groupings El Sistema de Casta System of identities that emerged in Spanish colonial America Related to political and economic practices and structure Constructed by elite actors Reproduced through practice and enshrinement in law and education Narratives assert biological basis Casta Paintings Originated in 18th century Identity and Inequlity Identities are tied to evaluations Evaluations reflect underlying patterns of inequality Racism and xenophobia are two common patterns of evalution Inequality based on identites involving durable characteristics is harder to change Identity Race...
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Anth. 101 Notes 15 - distinctions Phenotypically distinct,...

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