Anth. 101 Notes 17

Anth. 101 Notes 17 - Applying Anthropology Applied...

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Applying Anthropology Applied anthropology refers to the application of anthropological data, perspectives, theory, and methods to identify, assess, and solve social problems. Perspectives Bicultural perspective Holistic view of culture Cultural relativism Emphases on reflexivity Emphasis on emic view Arenas of Application Personal Get from slides Institutional Medial Developmental Anth Anthropology and public policy … and business … and education Ethics Questions in applied anthropology What is out moral and ethical basis for trying to change the world? How should we change the world? Who should Identify problems? Assess problems? Work to solve problems? Pay? Benefit? Ethical concerns Can (or should) we try to impose our moral standards on other peoples/ Should we strive to maintain the cultural diversity of the world? Who should pay for development projects in the Third World? Applying Cultural Anthropology Medicine Medical anthropology is the study of disease and illness in their sociocultural context
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Anth. 101 Notes 17 - Applying Anthropology Applied...

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