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Anth. 101 Notes 18

Anth. 101 Notes 18 - Substance abuse Epidemiology...

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The Green Revolution Impacts of the Green Revolution Environmental Loss of biodiversity Pests Pollution Local Loss of decision-making power Demeaning and loss of local knowledge National Exports New bureaucracies Urban Anthropology Human populations are becoming increasingly urban Urban anthropology is a cross-cultural and ethnographic study of global urbanization and life in the cities and how people adapt to that life Education Anthropology helps facilitate the accommodation of cultural differences in classroom settings Examples English as a second language Understanding different... Biological Anthropology Public health Nutrition Genetic counseling
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Unformatted text preview: Substance abuse Epidemiology Geriatrics Mental illness Forensics Archaeology Cultural resource management Historic land claims Cultural preservation Who owns the Past? To what extent do antiquities and the right to interpret the past belong to Descendants of the people who created them? People who live in the surrounding territory? Specially trained scholars? Stonehenge Elgin Marbles form the Pantheon Bamyan, Afghanistan Looted Maya Temple looters were descendants What do we do with the past? Archaeology and claims to land And claims to … antiquities, identity, telling of history...
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