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Bioethics - Txt Necessary is if not x then not y...

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Introduction to Moral Theory Moral Theory Meta:Ethics Conceptual analysis Clarification, giving necessary/sufficient conditions of claims father to child is necs and bmw to car suff Correct Method of moral reasoning NOT: statement of personal preference or typical preference (statistical facts), not sufficient to appeal to moral authority-needs justification/backing, don’t take authority/ existence of God for granted IS: conceptual clarity, information, rational-observe logical rules, impartiality-apply equally to all ppl, relevant dissimilar treated dissimilarly and relevant similar similarly. Justification for treating diff, moral principals.
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Unformatted text preview: Txt: Necessary is if not x, then not y Sufficient is if a, then y Recitation August 28, 2009 Peter Singer's Argument: Premise 1: Suffering and death from dire poverty are bad. Premise 2: If we can prevent something bad from occurring w/o sacrificing something of comparable moral significance, then we ought to do so. Premise 3: We can prevent suffering and death from dire poverty w/o sacrificing anything of comparable moral significance Conclusion: We ought to do so! Anthony Tiberio [email protected] Caldwell 107A Tuesday 11-1 and Thurs 11-12 Anonymous email [email protected]
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