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Bioethics 5 - Euthanasia Passive withdrawing/withhold...

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Unformatted text preview: Euthanasia Passive: withdrawing/withhold treatment leading to killing patient Active: intentionally killing patient Traditional: Passive is sometimes permissible but active is not. Laws/AMA prohibit active euthanasia. Active is more humane than passive so these laws force doctors into less humane practice. Moral significant difference between killing and letting die. Not valid arguments for traditional view. Rachel's article argues there is no moral significant difference between killing and letting die. Permissible Euthanasia Active More Humane Strong argument for traditional view inapplicable Applicable argument for traditional view weak Blanket ban is a violation of fundamental rights given by the constitution. Bans on physician assisted suicide unconstitutional in circuit courts but appealed to supreme court. Slippery slope argument Theoretical: legalize physician assisted suicide; we cant justify permitting it in those cases but restrict/prohibit in similar but slightly less extreme so we keep going closer to the...
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