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Jewish Writing

Jewish Writing - The Bar Kokhva Revolt(132-136 CE Romans...

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Jewish History in a Nutshell Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:34 AM Pre-Patriarchs Patriarchs (c. 19-16th c BCE?) Egypt (c. 14th c. BCE?) Out of Egypt/ Desert (c. 13th c. BCE?) Settlement/Joshua/Judges/Samuel (c. 12-11th c. BCE?) David (c. 1000 BCE) First Temple (c. 970 BCE?) Destruction and Exile from Northern Kingdom (c. 722 BCE) Destruction of Temple and Exile from Judea (c. 586 BCE) Second Temple (c. 516BCE-) Persians Ezra and Nehemiah (5th C. BCE) Persians Hasmoneans (140 BCE- 37 CE) Greeks The Great Revolt and Destruction of Temple (66-70 CE) Romans
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Unformatted text preview: The Bar Kokhva Revolt (132-136 CE) Romans Completion of Mishnah (late 2nd and early 3rd c. CE) Romans Talmudic Period (3rd-6th c. CE) Romans/ Sasanians Arab Conquests (7th to 8th c. CE) Byzantine Gaons European Expulsion Migration to Poland and Russia Expulsion in Spain to Greece, Amsterdam, etc Enlightenment Anti-Semitism 19th c. CE Holocaust Founding of Israel Revival of American/European Jewish life ~14 million Jews 10-20% strict practitioners...
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