Jewish Writing 5

Jewish Writing 5 - Only Mishnah and Talmud 2nd-7th century...

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Mishnah Tuesday, February 09, 2010 10:45 AM One of the Rabbinic Literature, Rabbinics Related to word Rabbi Rabbi: Aramaic, mean "my teacher". Not in Jewish bible but related to Hebrew/biblical word "rav" mean great, a lot Appears in 1st c. CE means Master Gradually it began to mean a type of religious expert/teacher. Only in middle ages did it become professional title Protagonist in lit called Rabbi X, Y, or Z
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Unformatted text preview: Only Mishnah and Talmud 2nd-7th century Only Post-Talmudic lit (8th-21st) Both (2nd-21st) Rabbinics: Jewish texts, beliefs, and practices, that are closely related to or based on test beliefs and practices found in rabbinic/Talmudic lit The Mishnah 15 c. CE printing came about before it was manuscript Herbert Daney Mishnah in English...
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