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Jewish Writing 6

Jewish Writing 6 - Rabbis post temple combined these two...

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Midrash and Talmud Thursday, February 18, 2010 11:02 AM Midrash What? Scripture interpretation Individual interpretation Not a specific work, it’s a noun and a verb Perfect, relevant, timeless- how it portrays bible Talmud Rabbis convince that post-temple recovery of Judaism must be through dedication to the torah torah for them meant tall possible knowledge about god and his will Revelation in Sinai according to rabbis included two bodies the written smaller part and the larger oral part Only those who master the two parts are entitled to lead the Jewish nation in the right direction Oral torah was transmitted through the Pharisees and scribes rabbis saw themselves as heirs of both groups Pharisees wanted to extend holiness form the temple to all realms of life this decision brought with it high concern for daily rituals Scribes occupied themselves with the study of scriptures and with their exegesis
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Unformatted text preview: Rabbis post temple combined these two goals Collected various pieces of knowledge, lore, and tradition, and arranged them systematically Mishnah compiled 210CE was first major systematic production After the Mishnah was complete and published groups of people in Palestine and in Iraq start to study it The explained obscure parts, discussed possible contradictions, and compared its content to other traditions they had They tried to find coherence in concepts, decisions, and sayings attributed to specific rabbis Their work was progressively arranged in a written form. It was called Talmud of Gemara meaning study Two Talmuds were finally created on was Jerusalem or Palestinian composed mostly in Galilee finished around 400ce 2nd is Babylonian academics in Iraq 2x size and much better higher position in Jewish culture Content, importance: political and change in control...
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Jewish Writing 6 - Rabbis post temple combined these two...

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