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Jewish Writing 8 - israel in the first five . Of the common...

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Midterm Recap Notes Wednesday, March 03, 2010 9:27 PM Mishnah vs Midrash vs Talmud Mishnah Product of an ongoing process of elaborating and explaining the foundations, the details, and the significance of the Torah's commandments The Mishnah supplements, complements, clarifies and systematizes the commandments of the Torah. i.e. Sabbath rules and regs Midrash The terms midrashand halakhot (sing. halakhah) mentioned in these passages designate the two most fundamental forms in which rabbinic tradition was studied and transmitted. In midrash, rabbinic tradition is intimately interconnected with the explication of the biblical text, and the overall literary structure of midrashic compilations follows the order of the biblical text. Specific name for the activity of biblical interpretation as pracited by the rabbis in the land of
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Unformatted text preview: israel in the first five . Of the common era. Oral traditions of the rabbis/ part of the oral torah Finding roots of oral torah in the written torah Ie jacob vs esau, angels creation, scriputural discrepancy when things appera multiple times why etc Talmud Mishnah part Rabbis so and so said blah about x ie shofar What rabbis said about different things Geonim During the time of the exile and the spiritual leaders. As to how their hierarchy worked Spiritual leaders of academies. Teachers etc Dead sea scrolls Brackets indicate that there are holes which are only in these Philo and Jospehus Allegoricies Philo- problem solution, q and a Apocrapha/ pseud Look like bible passages but are not part of the bible Responsum Q and a letter style concerning things...
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