Jewish Writing 9

Jewish Writing 9 - Talmudic or Karaites refused talmud...

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Rashi: The Man. The Legacy. The Legend. Tuesday, March 16, 2010 11:01 AM Biblical and Talmudic commentary Legal (Halakhic) works: responsa, attributed statements, etc. Kuzari Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:50 AM 2nd most important Jewish writing following Mammodi's Guide who I missed last time. There was a Khazari kingdom 11 century fell in attack by Christian Byzantines and Muslim empire Rulers and parts of the kingdom were Jews. Merchants followed Radhanites Routes part on silk road covering from Spain to china. Junction as Khazari Empire between caspian and black sea. Turkish tribes. 9th c. Coin has Arabic writing saying, "Moses is God's prophet" possibly came form Khazar kingdom The Khazars 7-11th Conversion to Judaism 7-8th cent What type of Judaism?
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Unformatted text preview: Talmudic or Karaites- refused talmud authority, follow bible only Believe it to be rabbinic Who was converted? Elite? Masses? Percentage of "original" Jews Fate of people after the fall of the kingdom Ashkenazi Jews? Where do they come from? Germany, Eastern Europe 586 exile second temple 70 1135 Disappeared Khazars moved to Eastern Europe? Could Ashkenazi Jews be Khazars? Contemporary (non-scholarly) debates Kuzari Judah Ha-Levi (1075-1141) Kitab al Khazari ("The Book of the Kuzari") Imaginary discussion between a Jewish sage and a foreign king Spain, during the first half o f the 12th century First Hebrew translation: Provence, late 12th century English translation by Hartwig Hirschfeld, 1905...
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Jewish Writing 9 - Talmudic or Karaites refused talmud...

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