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Jewish Writing 11

Jewish Writing 11 - The halkhah has as its center the idea...

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The Shulhan Arukh Thursday, April 08, 2010 11:01 AM Means set table Maimonides-egypt cairo from Spain Hebrew bibl palestine and Babylonia Kuzari from spain but Khazar kingdom near sea(black?) Rashi from france and germany Sefer hasidim also from germany Kabbalah and zohar spain Rome josephus Mishnah, midrash palestine Talmud palestine and babylonia Geonic lit- babylonia Piyyut-palestine Haggadah-compilation from various places Shulhan arukh spain moved to palestine and someone with polish background Halakhah/Jewish Law Halakhah means "the right path" from verb to walk Halakhic, halakhist Jewish laws is a term often used with comparing to other legal systems, thus on issues that have parallels in other religious or secular, legal sys; marriage, divorce, inheritance, torts/damages, transactions, contracts, evidences, legal procedures, etc. About 14 million total jews about 10-20% observe Halakhah 5% are the extreme of strictness
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Unformatted text preview: The halkhah has as its center the idea of "commandments". Decalogue has ten but halakhah has more. Jewish tradition 613 commandments but arbitrary. Possible dividison of commandments Revealed/rational Person-god/person-person "from the torah"/ "from the sages" Negative/positive Time-bound/ 24/7 Jews-only/ universal (ex of universal is having court system) Ethics-related/ non ethics-related Gender/sex-related / non gender/sex-related Shulhan arukh by jospeh caro 1488-1575 Orah hayyim "way of life" mostly on litugy and holidays yoreh de'ah"Teacher of opinion" dietary laws, "borders" of various kinds; chairy, ritualistic objects, tithes Even ha-ezer"The assisting stone" maritla laws Hoshen mishpat"Judgment breastplate" courts, finnaces, dameges, acquisions, crimes Kitzur shulhan arukh is not shulhan arukh K.S.A. -abbreviation...
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