Metaphysics 2

Metaphysics 2 - Free Will and Determinism Free agency...

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Fatalism Law of excluded middles Sea battle Whatever makes something true is in the future not in the now Time Feature Time Space dimension Yes Yes Extension y y y n Directive/asymmetry y n Dynamic flow y n Presentism Only thing real is present moment Persistence Endurance (not spread out all there in each moment, 3D objects in 4D world) vs. Perdurance (parts are left in time, spatio-temporal, all 4D)
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Unformatted text preview: Free Will and Determinism Free agency: freedom to act Compatibilism Soft determinism Incompatibilism Hard determinism Libertarians Constitution Creation Survival Existence Just-matter Only matter exists does not depend on shape Take-over Universals No notes Necessity and Laws of Nature No Notes...
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