Metaphysics 5

Metaphysics 5 - Principle of Insufficient Reason There are...

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Time Hypertime As something moves with respect to time, so does time move in respect to hypertime However leads to infinite hypertimes so bad idea Space-Time theory Replace time as flowing river Time is like space Space-time diagrams like in physics p 49 Temporal parts Object at that time; temporal cross-section Person as sum of temporal parts Space and Time likeness Reality Distant objects exist Parts Different parts at different times within stretch of time. Like body parts Here and Now Terms are relative Idea that only present exists Whole object in present, no parts Now and here not like present is special Spatial heterogeneity Having different properties at different times is no different from having different properties at different places Time moves one direction, unlike space Past is fixed and cannot be changed by later events, unlike space Paradox Cant undermine the future = cause yourself not to be God Principle of Sufficient Reason There is an explanation for everything
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Unformatted text preview: Principle of Insufficient Reason There are things that have no explanation Ontological Dependence One thing needing another simultaneously in order to support its existence Ie sandwich depends on its ingredients Ontologically independent Anything that does not depend on any other entity OD leads to OI which leads to God GCB- Greatest Conceivable Being Why Not Nothing? Define the question Why it their something, rather than nothing? Why is there anything more to reality than W? W=empty; maximally minimal reality Necessitarianism Necessary Beings Beings that exist in any and all possible situations Essential nature Combo of features that a thing has to have in order to exist Minimal Contingency Why is there anything that does not have to exist? Anthropic Explanation Seeks to account for some phenomenon by pointing out how the phenomenon is required in order for us to exist and thus to be in a position to investigate....
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Metaphysics 5 - Principle of Insufficient Reason There are...

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