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Metaphysics 6 - Takeover Theory As clay is shape the statue...

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Philosophy 330 Metaphysics Free Will and Determinism Determinism: Every event has a cause Hard determinism Rejects free will Libertarianism Reject determinism Agent causation Quantum Mechanics Gives rise to probabilities Soft Determinism Freedom and determinism First-order Vs. Second-order desires Desires to do certain things vs desires to have first-order desires Constitution Antinomy- apparently sound reasoning leading to an apparently absurd conclusion Creation: the sculptor really does create the statue- that is, the statue did not exist before the sculptor created it . Survival: the sculptor does not destroy the quantity of clay by forming it into a statue Existence: there really are such objects as statues and pieces of clay Absurdity: It is impossible for two different objects to share the same matter and spatial location at a single time. Just-Matter Theory Hunks of matter are the only things that exist Existence continues despite looks matter has just changed form
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Unformatted text preview: Takeover Theory As clay is shape the statue takes over the clay Martian Takeover Theories Outpiece Piece of clay located outdoors, no matter how shaped Inpiece Piece of clay located indoors, no matter how shaped Nihilism Nothing exists Cohabitation Four-dimensionalism Universals Alternatives to standard Universals Sparse universal No negative universals Tropes Property not universal Set Universals are sets As is set of red things being the universal of being red Philosophy 330 Metaphysics Nominalism No properties, universals, sets or tropeds. Conceptualism Thins that confer generality on our words are certain concepts Possibility and Necessity Possibilities Things that could have happened even if they didnt Natural Laws of nature Absolute Defies laws of nature Conventionalism All absolute necessities are true by definition...
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