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Religion in Americas 2

Religion in Americas 2 - English Settlement Cross out...

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English Settlement Cross out Anglicans and … April 1 religion in the news Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:55 AM 1607 Anglicans of Virginia 1620 Plymouth Pilgrims (separating) 1630 Puritans (non-separating Congregationalists) Henry VIII broke from Catholicism making himself head of Church of England but it look very much like Catholicism Some in England want greater changes (like those of Luther, John Calvin, etc) Puritans were persecuted; they wanted a purer Anglican Church more like Protestantism Anglican Beliefs Salvation is gradual Religious truth in tradition, reason, scripture Humans can bring about salvation No predestination Rituals Toleration Not ascetic Human moral reason is right Doing over feeling Set prayers and formal devotion Ceremonies symbols Eucharist-center of worship service Virginian Anglican Geographically widespread Few or no clergy Truncated hierarchy Slaves (1619) Presbyterian Established church, organized from bottom up, elders represent church to governing body (Presbytery)
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