Religion in Americas 5

Religion in Americas 5 - Emergence of evangelical...

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2nd Great Awakening Tuesday, February 16, 2010 9:59 AM 1800s- evangelical century 19th c. more Christian and religious than any other time in American history Move into frontier and make landscape sacred Questions the USA had to answer? What to do without a national church? Some state churches not eliminated until much later Connecticut in 1818, Massachusetts in 1833 What to do with all this new open space? 1790s Kentucky and Tennessee admitted to union 1803 Louisiana purchase What to do with more and more people? 1775: 2.5m 1845: 20m Post-Revolution Millennialism and Missions Recall: impact of winning the American revolution Millennialism American's special role in God's plan Need to spread the message Causes of SGA Depends who you ask God Vacuum from not having state-sponsored church Voluntarism Differences between SGA and FGA
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Unformatted text preview: Emergence of evangelical organizations and institutions Social reform movements More widespread travel More physical religious excitement Revivals and camp meetings lasted longer More NRMs (new religious movements) emerge Lorenzo Dow Backwoods Methodist preacher Led "jerking exercise" Fiery Charles Grandison Finney Presbyterian liked Methodist style "New Measures" Caused by people Praying for people by name Women, youth, and African-Americans could pray and give testimonies Meetings lasted several days Altar call Anxious bench Emotional prayers Informal language Used advertisements and flyers Moral and social reform efforts would follow from personal salvation Theologically: not Calvinist, but a belief that people could help themselves to conversion and salvation...
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Religion in Americas 5 - Emergence of evangelical...

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