Religion in Americas 7

Religion in Americas 7 - Experimentation Diversity and New...

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Experimentation, Diversity, and New Religions Movements religion 140 project. do on the difference in rituals between varying denominations or contrast synagogue, protestant, catholic and/or islam do catholicism for sure schedule this saturday. contrast catholcism, methodist, presbyterian,baptist, or catholcism, protestant, islam, judaism Thursday, February 18, 2010 9:45 AM Shakers (United Society of Believers) Ann Lee- Quaker; leader who followers believed she was 2nd coming of Christ Celibacy, gender equality, specialization of jobs, raised orphans given chance to stay/leave, dancing/ "shaking Quakers" Mother Ann Lee convinced due to death of children while pregnant original sin was sex to issue in millennium celibacy was necessary shaker furniture Oneida founder John Humphrey Noyes claimed perfection and sinless; Christ had come in 70AD Oneida, NY in burned out district; belief in perfection and community raising; complex marriage where marriage partners changed. Gender roles older women initiate young men and the same with
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