Religion in Americas 8

Religion in Americas 8 - Catholicism: Immigration,...

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Catholicism: Immigration, Integration, Identity Tuesday, March 02, 2010 9:32 AM 6 supreme court justices are catholic Biden is firs catholic vp Catholic authors: oconner,tolkein fitzgerald hemingway graham greene anne rice More catholic dems than cath rep 1950-2002 4 percent priests accused of sexually abusing a minor Immigrant Voices Margaret Finnigan, an Irish Catholic young woman 1840s famine potatoes protestant irish went b4 famine eastern seaboard settlement, ny, philly boston domestic servant=irish anti irish: "….except irish" drank too much irish clergy temperance movement Father Ernst Reitner German catholic priest shared german heritage not an actual country Kulturkampf of culture struggle, enacted by Otto bon Bismarck against the roman catholic church in the 1870s German triangle Industrialization in Germany allowed for better jobs Preserve language "language saves faith" "national parish" feud with Irish over Americanization Stefan Kozowlski Poland 2 mil pols roman catholic similar to germans too many ppl not enough land
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Religion in Americas 8 - Catholicism: Immigration,...

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