Religion in Americas 9

Religion in Americas 9 - A Nation Divided A Religion...

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A Nation Divided, A Religion Diversified Tuesday, March 16, 2010 9:35 AM The Changing Faces of African-American Religious Practice African-Americans and Revivals Why were they attracted Get away from plantations Chance for community More opportunities to participate and lead Gave afr-am a certain authority (over whites) Effects Increased church membership of women (3:2) Increased the number of black male preachers Syncretism- blending of European and African Styles A place to preach anti-slavery messages Changes after 1800 Class shift for white Baptists and Methodists- and this impacted blacks Increased church segregation Churches limited black leadership and women's authority Attempts to downplay black charisma Increase in private worship, some separate churches Impact of African-American Religiosity Whites: increased fear of slave rebellion Whites: increasingly strict laws about literacy and gathering Evangelical preachers emphasized submission slaves developed hush harbors Syncretism: African music, parching, worship styles influence whites
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Religion in Americas 9 - A Nation Divided A Religion...

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