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MAC1140-24: ROOM CHANGES The lectures will be held in the SEMINAR room of SCS (4 th floor DIRAC library) in the following days: Monday (11/27/06) : Review for Test 3 (Test 3 will be on 11/29/06) . Monday (12/04/06) : Review for Final Exam. Friday (12/08/06) : Review for Final Exam. Final Exam will be on 12/11/06 . The direction to the SEMINAR room of SCS: 1) Enter the first set of automatic sliding doors at the front of DIRAC
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Unformatted text preview: library. Turn left just before the second set of doors to get to the elevator to go to the 4 th floor, which is the School of Computational Science (SCS). 2) From the elevator, go STRAIGHT to the end, then the SEMINAR room (DSL 499) is right in front of you. You can also look at the following map of SCS:...
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