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test3 - by filling in the bubble next to your choice •...

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Things to know about the Test Instructor: Ms. Hoa Nguyen ([email protected]) , MAC1140-24 Test 3: Date: Wednesday (November 29, 2006) Time: 1:25 pm - 2:15 pm Location: same location as the lecture’s place. The test is made by the department, not by me. It is multiple choice; so you either get full credit or no credit for each question. Bring a pencil and an eraser to the test. Please be sure to mark your answer clearly
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Unformatted text preview: by filling in the bubble next to your choice. • No make-up test is allowed. No extra credit is given. • After the department recieves all of the graded tests, the grade report will be prepared and returned to you. The actual test will not be returned. Important Notice: Please arrive 5 minutes early on the Test Day if you can. Follow the Seating Chart to find your position. 1...
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