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Section 2.5: Review Inverse Functions and Logarithms Instructor: Ms. Hoa Nguyen ([email protected]) One-to-one Function A function f is called a one-to-one function if it never takes on the same value twice. That is, f ( x 1 ) 6 = f ( x 2 ) whenever x 1 6 = x 2 . Horizontal Line Test A function is one-to-one if and only if no horizontal line intersects its graph more than once. Inverse Functions If the function f is one-to-one, then the inverse function f - 1 exists. This diagram makes it clear how
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Unformatted text preview: f-1 reverses the effect of f in this case. The graph of f-1 is obtained by reflecting the graph of f about the line y = x . Logarithmic Functions log a x = y ⇔ a y = x (circle trick) The logarithmic function log a x has domain (0 , ∞ ) and range R . Its graph is the reflection of the graph of y = a x about the line y = x . What is the graph of log a x when 0 < a < 1? 1...
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