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FCE 145 Review Topics for Exam 2

FCE 145 Review Topics for Exam 2 - section on males and a...

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Review for Exam #2 - Fall 2009 Exam questions will be from lecture, text, supplemental readings and ANGEL handouts ***************************************************************************** Dating and relating Intimacy History of love and marriage Intimacy and commitment Friendship & meeting partners: Over 33% through friends 15% at a party 12% in class 8% at work 6% in the form or apartment building 4% at a bar 4% through family 3% at church or a religious activity Successful & satisfying relationships & marriages Endogamy, exogamy Halo effect- when you put a halo over some ones head due to the way that they look. Marriage gradient Cohabitation- individuals sharingliving arrangements in an intimate relationship, whether these individuals are married or unmarried. Who cohabits Rate of cohabitation Engagement Functions of Sexuality “Plumbing” - know the location and function of sex organs and structures for a matching
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Unformatted text preview: section on males and a matching section on females Sexual learning, behaviors, relationships Sexual response cycle – desire, excitement, orgasm, resolution Hormones- substance released in the blood that regulates specific bodily functions Contraception History/ how long has it been around Methods – hormonal are the most effective ones Sexual health Risky behaviors Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Risk factors Three types, treatments or cures for each Deciding to have children Costs of parenthood Infertility/fertility Typical infertility rates Causes: Men- hot tubs, tight pants, drug uses (smoking, marijuana, ect.) Women- Flobein tube blocked by STD’s ANGEL handouts: Breast self-exam Testicular self-exam Sexual Orientation Masturbation Supplemental Readings Text Chapters on “Personal Sexuality” and “Reproductive Choices”...
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FCE 145 Review Topics for Exam 2 - section on males and a...

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