prob04 - 1 s 30 s 1 minute 1 hour Summer 2011 1 Problem Set...

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Instructions Complete the following exercises in class on Thursday, May 19. Feel free to work together in groups or to consult with your instructor. These exercises are for your bene±t and need not be turned in. Make sure you understand all of the material! 1. What is meant by simple harmonic motion? 2. Give 3 examples of periodic motion in nature. 3. A 2 kg box slides down a frictionless incline as illustrated. Determine its speed at when the box is 2.5 m from the ground if it started at the top from rest. 2 k g 5 m 4. I apply a constant force to a 10 kg box sliding along the ground. Someone dumps 40 kg of lead into the box as I push it. Assuming that I apply the same force to the box, what is the ratio of the new acceleration to the acceleration when it was empty? 5. Compute the frequencies (in Hz) for the following periods:
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Unformatted text preview: 1 s, 30 s, 1 minute, 1 hour. Summer 2011 1 Problem Set 04 P ROBLEM S ET 4 G ENERAL S CIENCE 121 S UMMER 2011 6. Interpret the following velocity vs. time plot for the motion of some object: 5 s 10 s 13 s 18 s Time (s) Velocity (m/s) 7. An oscillating mass-spring system is constructed with a spring of k = 10 N/m and a mass of 2 kg. What is the natural frequency of this system? 8. A 40 kg rock is dropped near the Earth’s surface from a height of 100 m. Determine the speed of the rock as hits the ground. 9. Write down the SI units (and the derivative units) for the following quantities: mass, position, velocity, acceleration, force, energy, power, time, frequency, spring constant. Summer 2011 2 Problem Set 04...
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prob04 - 1 s 30 s 1 minute 1 hour Summer 2011 1 Problem Set...

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