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Introductory Microeconomics: ECON 110 L1 Tanjim Hossain, Spring 2008 Classroom: Lecture Theater G Instructor: Tanjim Hossain Class Times: Mondays (10 pm – 11 pm) & Wednesdays (10 pm – 12 pm) Office: Room 2340 Office Hour: Open Door Policy Email: Telephone: 2358-7605 Course Description: This course introduces the major fields in microeconomics. It is intended as a general introduction to the ways economists interpret economic behaviors, with emphasis on intuition and graphical illustration. Students are required to understand intuitively the arguments in economic theory and to be able to use economic theory to present convincing explanations to economic behaviors. The course covers four major subjects: consumers’ behavior, firms’ behavior, government, and market. Textbook and Topics: M. Parkin: Microeconomics, 8th ed., Addison-Wesley, 2008. Chapter 1. What is Economics? Chapter 2. The Economic Problem
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