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Assignment 1 - Hello World! Select one option from the three below. All options are worth the same number of points. The more advanced options are provided for students who find the basic ones too easy and want more of a challenge. Make sure you have read and understand the Modules Information About Programming Assignments and Style Rules for Assignments before submitting this assignment. Hand in only one program, please. OPTION A (Basic): Console Hello World Compile and run the "Hello World!" program from your first week's module. You can use the code that I provided directly in the lesson, or you can enhance it somewhat to display more than just the message "Hello World!". Because this is the first assignment, I will summarize some rules from your handout "Homework Requirements" . You are responsible for every rule in that module so make a habit of always checking your assignment against the rules it contains. Here are some of them: 1. Hand in only one file as an attachment.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Hand in a plain text file, preferably a .txt file. .rtf, .pdf, .pic, .zip or .jpg files are not acceptable. 3. Include both the source and the run. 4. Remove all tabs as described in the handout "Removing Tabs. .." (near the end of the Module List) . 5. Obey the style rules as described in the handout "Style Rules" (near the end of the Module List). 6. Do not do computations in a screen output statement. Do not mix computation and output, ever. OPTION B (Intermediate): GUI Hello World Write a GUI version of Hello World that displays "Hello World" on an application window. You can either use JOptionPane or the more advanced JFrame with Jlabels. If you wish, you can enhance this program with more components or text on the window. OPTION C (Accelerated): Next Week's Assignment Select an option (other than Option C ) from the next assignment that would normally be due after this one. Whichever option you choose, do not also hand that one in next week. Have fun!...
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