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Assignment 9 (Extra Credit) - Phone Support This extra credit assignment is worth 12 points. Select one option from the two below. All options are worth the same number of points. The more advanced option is provided for students who find the basic one too easy and want more of a challenge. Make sure you have read and understand the Modules Information About Programming Assignments and Style Rules for Assignments before submitting this assignment. Hand in only one program, please. OPTION A (Basic): Phone Support A customer service phone support system will consist of a class called Case, which will represent a newly opened case. Every time a customer calls with a new problem a fresh Case obect is instantiated, with a new case number. Each time a phone support engineer is done talking to a customer he/she will add a new Entry into the case. If this is the new call, the Entry will be the first and only Entry. If the call is a follow up from a previous call on the same case, the Entry will be added to the Case. You will need two classes, Entry and Case. Create a class called
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27a_Assignment_10 - Assignment 9 (Extra Credit) - Phone...

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