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Assignment 9 (Extra Credit) - Phone Support This extra credit assignment is worth 12 points. Select one option from the two below. All options are worth the same number of points. The more advanced option is provided for students who find the basic one too easy and want more of a challenge. Make sure you have read and understand the Modules Information About Programming Assignments and Style Rules for Assignments before submitting this assignment. Hand in only one program, please. OPTION A (Basic): Tournament Players of some sport or game are going to get together for a tournament. You can think of them as Chess players, Tennis players, Go players, . .. whatever game or sport you like. Players will play against each other one-against-one and there will be several rounds to allow each player to play against several opponents. If there are five rounds, each player can play against at most five opponents. If ten rounds, each player can play against 10 opponents. Let's say there are 10 rounds for the purpose of this discussion (maybe one game a day for 10 days). We only care about the scheduling of the opponents with each other, not the game or results. We don't care who wins or loses a game - we can schedule all 10 rounds ahead of time. Our job is to design two classes that can be used to create match-ups between the players. The two classes we will have to design are Game and Player . Roughly, a Game will be an object that tells us nothing more than which two Players are playing against one another. So a Game will have really nothing other than two Player objects -- the two opponents of that particular Game . Player will hold an individual Player's schedule in the form of an array of Games . In other words, each Player object has a name (the player's name) and an array of (say 10) Games , one game for each round in the tournament. For a player, the first (0th) Game in his/her array will be represent his/her match-up in the first
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27b_Assignment_9 - Assignment 9 (Extra Credit) - Phone...

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