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27b_Syllabus - S.1 Course Description and Prerequisite CIS...

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S.1 Course Description and Prerequisite CIS 27B is an in-depth coverage of essential and advanced computer programming techniques using the Java language. Students who already have basic knowledge of the Java programming language will learn more and better techniques. A basic knowledge of beginning Java programming is the only prerequisite. S.2 Instructor Michael Loceff, [email protected] Normally ask questions through the private or public message center here in the course. S.3 Text and References The text for the course is Introduction to Java Programming, Core or CompleteVersion , Sixth Edition by Liang, Pearson/Prentice Hall publisher, ISBN 0-13-222158-6. Although the Complete Version is preferred, the Core Version will be fine. You can get the book online at a variety of places including the Foothill Bookstore at http://books.foothill.edu/ , phone: (650) 949-7305. A highly recommended reference: The Elements of Java Style , Misfeldt, et. al., Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-77768-2. S.4 Compilers You will need a compiler. In this class we will be using a product that runs on both PCs and Macs called Eclipse . If you choose to work through this class on another platform, you will have to get assistance for the details of that compiler from another source. There are dozens of compilers and I have found that more students learn faster and better if I only discuss one. I will be helping you download and configure your Eclipse platform in the coming modules. S.5 Public Communication The excitement of an online course comes from the constant feedback that students can get from fellow students and the instructor. Public questions can be sent to me or directed to other students through the Discussions Tool (DT), which you can reach by clicking on Discussions and Private Messages on the left menu. Post your question or comment in the forum called Questions and Discussion. These questions will appear the moment you post them, and I will respond usually the same day, sometimes in just a few hours. Unless a question is of a private nature (i.e. grades, registration problems, comments on your graded assignments), please use the DT for your post. Also feel free to answer your fellow student questions, even if you only have a guess as to what the answer is. It's great to engage in conversation
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with each other in this manner.
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